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Are you looking to innovate your business with drone technology or improve your current commercial UAS operation? Getting the right advice is critical to the success of your operation and that’s why our UAS consulting and training services focus on integrated solutions designed to enhance the performance of your business.

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Drone technology is rapidly changing with more industries seeing the value of Unmanned Aerial Systems and with that, it’s important that your business understands all the elements around this industry and avoid pitfalls common to UAS operations. That is where experienced, independent consultancy is important for any business considering or currently have a drone operation in place. By getting the right advice from JFP Services, it will allow your organisation to obtain and incorporate best practices into your processes and management strategies.

Our drone consultants have years of experience and can help you by developing efficient workflows, training your team, lowering your risks, help you stay ahead of the competition and better serve your customers.

Our consulting services include;

  • Business Strategy & Planning Support
  • Change Management & Facilitation Support
  • Financial/Statistical
  • Analysis Training

Our team of industry experts brings over a decade of

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Tailored training to suit your needs

As Unmanned Aerial Systems is a new industry, there is a need for education and training to provide everyone with the knowledge to operate drones safely, reduce the risk and understand parameters your staff will encounter.

This knowledge is invaluable, whether you have an internal team of operators or bringing in subcontractors to provide the aerial inspections. UAS is here to stay and to operate an efficient low-risk working environment, members need to know and understand the advantages of using this platform, as well as the risks that are being invited into their areas.

Our training sessions are customised to suit your needs and requirements, are comprehensive and delivered in-house. Whatever your needs, we can provide the training to assist.

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