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Data Capture & Reporting

Make empowered decisions with Drone Data Capture & Reporting

At JFP Services we aim to assist your business by providing a complete picture of how your structures or assets are performing over time using latest technology. By monitoring trends, predict maintenance and act ahead of time with true digital replicas, we allow your business to accurately make value-based decisions by supplying detailed data, analysis and extract valuable insight, which is conveniently available to you anytime and anywhere.


Access a single source of information

With presentation-ready pdf reports, you can rest assured that everyone from those on the ground to clients through to the boardroom you can;

  • Provide and discuss live findings with your team
  • Share information instantly
  • Upload and manage files and documents

Streamline your inspection process

Real-time progress monitoring allows your organisation to streamline inspection processes throughout the life of a project. This allows your organisation to conduct complete visual inspections from any web browser, extract detailed insights without a site visit and provide progress monitoring. These powerful tools can analyse your structures and build a complete picture of your asset conditions.


With powerful chat and messaging functionality within the software, you can build a culture of collaboration, have the ability to comment, tag and respond to communications on specific annotations and enable a common operating picture and ensure accountability with our data capture tools.

Accessing your data means that we can empower your team responsible for the management of physical assets with unprecedented levels of knowledge, insights and helps you to make better decisions, create more efficiencies, and have greater control. Get in touch to learn more about our data capture services.

With our data capture and reporting technology, it will allow your business to

  • Smoothly inspect and navigate complete asset models
  • Highlight risks
  • Provide previously captured data side-by-side
  • Classify, filter and collate monitor with intuitive annotation cards
  • Accurately measure area, distance, height, and gradient
  • Provide effective high impact reports